News and Updates

News and Updates

2023/24 Acadamic year registration has begunNew Class StartsSeptember 9, 2023Live on ZoomOld Testament survey6pm (MST)  Wednesday7 am (MST) SaturdayChurch History6am (MST) Monday7am (MST) SundayEthics & Stewardship6pm (MST)  Wednesday7 am (MST) SaturdayGospels6am...

2022/23 Acadamic

Year registration has begun!


“Equipping the Saints to Know & Live the Truth”

” ቅዱሳን እውነትን አዉቀው እንዲኖሩ ማስታጠቅ”



VBC exists by the grace of God to teach the word of God in its fullest extent by using the digital platform
across the globe to the Ethiopian and Eritrean community.

So that they know the truth and become the salt and light of the world in their life, family’s, community, churches, workplaces, and the nations.


Core Value

  • Christ Centered

  • The Supremacy of God’s Word

  • Spiritually Vibrant

  • Academic excellence

  • Cultural relevance

  • Financially affordable

  • Relationship & Partnership


VBC is affiliation with the Pentecostal Theological College of Ethiopia on both the certificate and its Diploma program. PTC is fully accredited college by a legal accrediting body of Bible colleges.

 Our Affiliation